Our Virtual Exhibition Platform for Your Online Events 

Manage your online exhibitions with EventX, the best virtual event software for trade shows, virtual fairs, and conferences.

As experts in the Asia market, our platform can help you reach new customers in Asian territories such as Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. 


Experts at Supporting All Your Virtual Events


Business Matching Events

Enable your attendees to perform in-person networking with global entrepreneurs and industry partners with just a few clicks at online networking events.


Virtual Career Fairs

We offer an engaging virtual career fair platform suitable for associations, colleges, corporations, universities, and other organizations to host virtual job fairs online.

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Virtual Trade Shows

With EventX’s virtual event platform, event exhibitors at your event are able to showcase new products and exchange information with customers in a dynamic setting.

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Virtual Conferences

With our selection of advanced features, EventX promises to provide a great online experience for your attendees. They will enjoy the platform’s ability to provide engaging and interactive participation.


Our Event Platform Offers The Following Features

Virtual Event Registration

Your guests and attendees can visit the location of your online event in advance of its start date to register their place!

  • Build your event in advance to drive hype
  • Create custom registration forms
  • Allow attendees to register online
  • Provide registered attendees with SMS/Email updates
  • Set up an event countdown clock

Virtual Exhibition Lobby

Welcome your attendees with a dynamic virtual lobby!

Create a vibrant, inviting environment for attendees with a variety of templates to pick from. Place banner displays and video screens in order to gain more exposure and show pride for your exhibitors and sponsors.

  • Choose from a variety of templates
  • Use videos and banner displays
  • Customize your background and other elements

Virtual Exhibitor Booth Gallery

Brands and other exhibitors can have customizable display booths at your event, showcasing their offerings through multimedia elements including e-brochures, posters, videos and more.

  • Provide your attendees with a trade floor at their fingertips, and your brands with greater exposure
  • Put custom tags on your exhibitors and sort them into categories
  • Browse exhibitors by their details
  • Let attendees find specific booths through filters or the search tool

Virtual Booths

Virtual booths are a place where your event attendees can chat with brand representatives without ever leaving their home. Visitors can watch presentations, read materials, and even have one-on-one calls and chats with brands. Exhibitors can also provide better service by checking the provided info of the attendees who come visit them.

  • Integrated video player
  • Onsite live streaming
  • Private & public chatrooms
  • Direct messaging
  • Video meeting tool
  • Brand booths with custom templates
  • Upload logos, banners, leaflets, and other files

Conference Hall Virtual Stage

Speakers on your event’s virtual stage can present to attendees remotely, while interacting with them directly via live chat, Q&A, and polling functions. Presentations can be done live, semi-live, or presented as pre-recorded elements. You can even allow your attendees to watch already-concluded presentations via the on-demand viewer.

  • Keep attendees in the know with an event agenda
  • Go live with your video presentations
  • Let your attendees watch later with on-demand
  • Live text chat for attendees
  • Live attendee polling
  • Q&A tools


Review Your Virtual Event’s Performance

Export Attendee Reports

EventX’s platform enables you to track expo attendee behavior before, during, and after an event. A comprehensive report will also be automatically generated after the event has concluded.

Expand Your Audience Across Asia’s Markets, Including Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and More

Target new markets all over the globe with virtual events and virtual exhibitions. EventX enables brands to market to and network with a host of new leads and global business partners at a scale that would be impossible by purely physical methods.

EventX is an established expert on Asia’s markets, with connections and experience that stretch across Hong Kong, Mainland China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and many more other regions.


Empower Your Virtual Event with Amazing Features

Registration Page

Enjoy high flexibility in customizing questions on your forms and tailoring their designs to suit your brand.

Confirmation Email

Automated email support allows you to send out personalized emails with a link to your virtual event.

Online Chatroom

Set up private chat rooms for networking when in the global chat or in the Virtual Lobby, Virtual Stage, or Virtual Booth chats.

Online Ticketing

Multiple ticket types give you flexibility. Sell different packages to match different event and attendee types.

Global Content Search

Search by company or job title to find the most suitable people to connect with

Content Management System

Allow easy customization and personalization of your event. Build up exhibitions from scratch or use our drag and drop templates.

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